You have just ordered some excellent marijuana and are waiting for it to arrive at your home. In the meantime, here’s an idea for the night: why not watch a good marijuana movie?

Keeping in mind that the range of movies and series offered by video on demand is regularly updated, in this article we have selected 5 cannabis-related movies that you can find available on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime.

1) Marijuana Movie: The Beach Bum, a new comedy (about marijuana) starring Matthew McConaughey

The Beach Bum is a decidedly extravagant comic film created, scripted and directed by Harmony Korine, creator of the controversial and controversial Kids, a 1995 film that caused a sensation for his explicit sex and drug scenes with New York teenagers.

The Beach Bum is very different from Kids, and stars McConaughey as Moondog. Other famous characters such as Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence and Snoop Dogg are also part of the cast.

Mondoog is a writer-poet who lives without rules, or rather, according to his own anarchist rules, with cannabis as a crucial and influential element in his every decision. There are many scenes showing the actors smoking marijuana, so much so that McConaughey himself says that in one of them Snoop Dogg thought it would be fun to swap the fake oregano joint provided by the production team for a real one.


Did it really happen?

Yes: they said they recorded the following stoned scenes and, apparently, they had a lot of fun.

“The next 9 hours were a lot of fun, but I don’t think we used a single word in the English language,” McConaughey said in an interview.

There is no doubt that The Beach Bum is a very entertaining comedy and definitely not to be missed.

2) Marijuana Movie: Green is Gold, not to be missed if you love drama.

We leave the comic genre with Green is Gold, a drama about the tragic story of a 13-year-old boy whose father was sent to prison. For this reason, the boy is now forced to live with his older brother, the largest cannabis producer in Northern California and with whom he has never had a relationship.

This film is a dramatic self-improvement story that tells how marijuana was able to change their lives when everything else fell apart. Green is Gold, an independent production written and directed by Ryon Baxter, received the Audience Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival the same year it was released in 2016.

Find it on Netflix!

3) Marijuana Movie: Murder Mountain, the fight for cannabis control.

Another notable Netflix production is the Murder Mountain series / documentary.

The peculiarity of Murder Mountain is that it is based on real events. It is set in Humboldt County, California, an area of ​​the “Emerald Triangle”, famous for its vast production of weed but also for the numerous disappearances and tragic murders.

This series is a real thriller in a documentary version, which tries to provide answers to the case of the murder of Garette Rodríguez, which took place in 2013.

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The investigation takes place among the most important and influential producers of marijuana, both legal and illegal, in the Californian county. In its first season, which offers you 6 episodes, you can uncover the dark secrets behind cannabis production in California .

4) Marijuana Movie: Super High Me, or “Super Size Me” not about food but about weed!

The Netflix platform offers several documentaries on marijuana. One of them is Super High Me, which sees Doug Benson (a comedian known for his love of weed) spending 30 days off marijuana and the next 30 days of daily consumption.

A similar experiment was conducted in 2009 by Spanish journalist Samanta Villar when she spent 21 days smoking cannabis, but no documentary film was made in that case.

Super High Me is a fun and engaging documentary that challenges some stereotypes about cannabis use.

What would happen if you went 30 days without smoking cannabis? Or a month of non-stop smoking joints? Doug Benson tells you in Super High Me!

5) The Legend of 420, a documentary on the decriminalization of marijuana.

The Legend of 420 takes us on a journey through the decriminalization of cannabis in the United States  and explores the different methods of consuming this product, reversing the typical image of recreational cannabis.

This reportage explores the world of haute cuisine, art and medicine, adopting a different approach than the usual stereotypes.

An hour and twenty minutes of 100% cannabis, during which you will discover various aspects of cannabis cultivation and consumption in the United States.

A highly recommended movie if you want to know everything, absolutely everything about marijuana.


Now you know how to spend the evening in the best possible way: watching an excellent film or documentary on cannabis! Have fun!

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