Do you need to stretch your muscles after the gym, or are you in a period of high stress and need to relax your smooth muscles? Know that there are several ways to do this, including herbs to relax the muscles (like the light marijuana that you can even order at home).

Today we will talk to you about 6 herbs that will help you finally find relaxation after the gym and rest at your best even in the evening.

1) Herbs to relax muscles: Light weed

This particular herb, that is Cannabis Sativa weakened by THC is one of the best natural muscle relaxants as it is rich in CBD.

Are you wondering the meaning of muscle relaxant?

Well, this term indicates a substance capable of relaxing skeletal and smooth muscles. Generally this term is used for drugs, but in reality cannabidiol ( CBD ) also has this action.

It is in fact a non-psychotropic active ingredient, so it does not alter our psyche and the perception of reality in any way, but it has numerous beneficial effects including anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and relaxing, especially for the muscles.

Its relaxing effect makes it perfect for mitigating problems such as anxiety, insomnia (or sleep disorders in general) and even post-workout muscle stiffness.

Furthermore, after physical activity, adrenaline continues to circulate in the body, so if you do sports in the evening it could be very difficult to fall asleep. Not with light weed, which you can order at home and with which you can say goodbye to stress, anxiety and muscle stiffness.

2) Herbs to relax the muscles: Chamomile.

Who has never heard, in a moment of particular agitation, the phrase “Make yourself a chamomile”?

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Perhaps this particular herb is often taken lightly, precisely because it is too inflated, yet it is one of the most relaxing herbs.

In addition to reducing feelings of anxiety and stress, dried chamomile tea in the form of an infusion is perfect (also combined with other herbs such as cannabis light and lemon balm) to relax the muscles after an intensive workout in the gym.

Therefore ideal to be taken in the evening before bed or at any time of the day if you feel the need.

3) Herbs to relax the muscles: Lemon balm.

We mentioned it just now: melissa officinalis is a perfect aromatic herb to calm nervousness and stress, but not only.

Thanks to its sedative properties it is also used to calm states of anxiety, migraines and dyspepsia, or the difficulty in digesting.

Furthermore, due to its antispasmodic properties, it fights muscle stiffness and helps you relax in a truly exceptional way after the gym. Also excellent in combination with other herbs such as legal weed and chamomile, it will help you regain post-workout relaxation.

4) Herbs to relax the muscles: Valerian.

Valerian Officinalis is a herb that has always been known for its relaxing and calming effects, both for the muscles and the mind.

Due to its truly relaxing effects it is a natural adjuvant that helps to calm even the muscle contractures that often affect athletes.

If taken in large doses or if you use it for a long time, however, you may experience side effects opposite to your needs, such as difficulty falling asleep, increased blood pressure and euphoria.

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It is therefore a perfect herb to relax the muscles but better not to abuse it to avoid these annoying effects, which are in any case short term (therefore they pass after a short time from intake).

5) Herbs to relax the muscles: Rosemary.

It may seem strange to you, but rosemary is also one of the ideal herbs to relax the muscles especially after an intensive workout in the gym: it has antispasmodic properties that help fight muscle stiffness.

But not only. It is in fact a herb traditionally known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety but also to regain a good mood.

However, if you buy rosemary essential oil, we strongly advise you not to overdo the quantities and ask your doctor for advice before using it. In fact, excessive quantities of this product can cause poisoning.

6) Herbs to relax the muscles: Lavender.

Lavender is also a herb well known for its antispasmodic properties that help fight muscle stiffness after sport or in general in case of cramps and pains.

If taken as an herbal tea or in the form of mother tincture, it is also effective in relieving headaches, nausea and intestinal cramps.

In conclusion

Now you know 6 herbs that are perfect for relaxing your muscles after an intensive workout in the gym, but also in case of insomnia, stress and anxiety.

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