Although you want to order light marijuana and receive it at home, you still do not know whether to do it or not as you have heard of phantom side effects related to this product.

What is the effect of Cannabis Light? Are there really risks or are they just rumors? 

Obviously the answer is the second, although its use is not recommended for some people.

Today we will go to see in detail what are the real effects of legal marijuana and in which cases its intake should be evaluated very carefully as it could involve risks.

Marijuana light: all the effects

The inflorescences, also called buds, buds or tops, of light marijuana usually have a layer of resin; this resin makes the flower slightly sticky (in some species, such as Gorilla Glue , not really slightly …), it softens its color making it clearer and above all determines the cannabinoid content.

The thicker the resin, the greater the percentage of cannabinoids present in the flower.

However, we must consider that the difference between the effects of traditional marijuana and the weakened one – or light – is based precisely on cannabinoids.

In undermined cannabis THC (psychotropic active ingredient, which causes the high) clearly prevails. In the light herb, on the other hand, THC is present in irrelevant quantities (less than 0.5%); what prevails is CBD, cannabidiol, a decidedly beneficial active ingredient for our body and the subject of numerous scientific studies as it is potentially therapeutic.

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The effects of light marijuana are therefore closely linked to those of CBD. Here are the main ones:

  • analgesics
  • antioxidants
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antispasmodics
  • anticonvulsants
  • antiemetics (as it reduces the feeling of nausea and the urge to vomit)
  • anxiolytics
  • antidepressants
  • hypotensive
  • relaxing

Now you know the effects of light marijuana. They tend to be beneficial, but taking it may cause side effects in some people.

Light marijuana: side effects for some categories of people

CBD has beneficial effects for those suffering from hypertension, as it speeds up the heartbeat and reduces blood pressure.

These benefits may not be beneficial for certain categories of people, for example those with cardiovascular disease, those with hypothesis and pregnant women.

In these cases, the intake of light marijuana is strongly discouraged, as it could cause heart failure (even if the extent is not clear).

Furthermore, you must be very careful with the method of recruitment. Go for the herbal tea, go for the CBD oil, but smoking is (as well as administratively punishable) highly harmful to our health. The combustion and the typical presence of tobacco in the canes can also cause neoplasms, or tumors, or in any case severe damage to the respiratory system.

Earlier we made the distinction between light marijuana and “traditional” marijuana. In reality, it is the latter that has side effects, closely related to the high amount of THC. But what are these effects? Find out in the next paragraph!

Side effects of high THC marijuana

Light marijuana does not have major side effects, although its intake is not recommended in case of diseases of the cardiovascular system and in case of pregnancy. The one that has contraindications due to its effects is instead the classic cannabis, which – unlike the legal herb – acts by altering the psyche.

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What are the negative effects of rods on behavior and physique ? Here are the main ones:

  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • severe tiredness
  • disorientation
  • altered perception of time
  • dry eye
  • chemical hunger
  • lethargy
  • altered auditory perceptions
  • in the long term also addiction

Obviously no one would use it if it did not have “pleasant” effects. Among the most popular are those related to the release of dopamine, that is the strong euphoria (high) – especially in sativa-dominant species – and the relaxation – greater following the use of cannabis indica -.

The light marijuana does not imply the occurrence of these symptoms (except for muscle relaxation ) as the THC percentages are really no effect on our body and our brain.

Furthermore, CBD mitigates the effects of THC as it partially inhibits its absorption. This means that that already low THC percentage is impossible to feel after taking light cannabis.

In conclusion

Now you know the side effects of light marijuana and underempowered cannabis. As you have been able to read, the intake of the light is not recommended only in some particular cases, such as in the existence of cardiovascular diseases and during pregnancy.

For the rest, the high percentages of CBD contained in it are absolutely beneficial and the subject of close scientific research (especially now that the prejudices about cannabis are, fortunately, gradually diminishing).

The one that has several side effects is marijuana with a high THC content, as Tetrahydrocannabinol is a substance capable of altering the psyche.

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