You can grow your own Colombian Gold Plants both indoors and outdoors. Before you get started, read about the THC and CBD content, the taste, smell, and where to buy Colombian Gold Seeds. This article will teach you all of these topics. Read on! And, stay tuned for future articles about Colombian Gold! For now, let’s review the most important facts about this strain. It is known as one of the most popular strains among cannabis enthusiasts.

Indoor And Outdoor Growing

The Colombian Gold strain originates from the high mountains of Colombia, where it grows best in a humid subtropical climate. It can also thrive in some Mediterranean zones. For indoor and outdoor growing, the Colombian Gold prefers warm temperatures and a humid atmosphere with 45-50% relative humidity. While Colombian Gold does best indoors, it can be successfully grown outdoors in cooler climates. To avoid toxic levels of nutrients, use pure reverse osmosis water.

The Colombian Gold plant contains over 75% THC, making it a very potent cannabis strain with cerebral effects. Those who are new to cannabis may have trouble with its high THC content, so they should start out with lower doses. It can also make people with low tolerances feel shaky, which is not the desired effect. However, the high can be beneficial for those suffering from PTSD or bipolar disorder. As an added benefit, Colombian Gold is very easy to grow indoors.

Colombian gold seeds are perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. They can produce moderate amounts of THC and THCa. Their yields are impressive, too, and they can reach 600 grams per plant. For novices, Colombian gold seeds are a great choice. They are easy to grow, yield high, and are reliable. You can start by growing seeds of low CBD concentration and then work up to higher CBD levels as your tolerance increases.

If you’re looking for a marijuana strain that is great for indoor and outdoor growing, consider Colombian Gold by World of Seeds. This feminised cannabis seed has an euphoric and exotic smell. It is also drought-resistant and thrives indoors and in greenhouses. You can also grow Colombian gold indoors without the risk of mold and mildew. However, make sure you have adequate lighting and ventilation in your indoor or outdoor grow area.

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The Colombian gold plant has a short growing time and produces high-quality buds. It has light green leaves and grows tall indoors and outdoors. The Colombian gold plant is also fast growing and produces a large yield of cannabis, around 400 grams per square meter, assuming 60 days of cultivation time. In warm climates with lots of sunlight, it can produce up to 500 gr per plant. A growing space with ample sunlight is recommended.

THC and CBD levels in Colombian Gold

One of the oldest strains of cannabis is Colombian Gold. It is a hybrid cannabis with a primarily Sativa makeup and a small proportion of Indica. Its THC content is around 19%. Its benefits include high yields and a relaxed and focused feeling. It is ideal for those who are looking to increase their focus and creativity. Additionally, it has exceptional medicinal potential.

The euphoric head high produced by Colombian Gold is often described as pleasant, but not psychedelic. Unlike Durban Poison, the cerebral buzz of Colombian Gold is not overwhelming and does not result in a mind-bending psychedelic high. Regardless of the effect, the strain produces a relaxing and uplifting high without the anxiety, fatigue, or paranoia common to Sativas. This is a great all-around strain, suited for the daytime. However, its energetic nature means that a person may have trouble falling asleep when smoked.

Colombian Gold is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Its high THC content makes it the most popular strain for medicinal purposes. It provides an energizing buzz and the power to concentrate. Its aroma is rich and skunky with hints of citrus, earth, and herbal spice. If you’re looking for an invigorating high, this is the strain for you.

Although Colombian Gold Feminized Cannabis Seeds are moderate to high in potency, it might leave occasional smokers uncomfortable. The peak of the high is reached after 5 minutes and the user feels mellow within 20-40 minutes. This potent strain lasts for up to two hours and has a calming effect on the body and mind. It is an excellent choice for those who want to have a high-intensity, long-lasting high, and an overall high in the mood.

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While Colombian Gold Feminized Cannabis Seeds are not the easiest to grow, they’re still a solid choice for those looking for a sativa plant that will produce big yields. It takes 55-65 days to flower and is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its hardiness makes it ideal for a variety of growing conditions. A few growing tips include avoiding clones and ensuring your indoor and outdoor growing environment is conducive to thriving cannabis plants.

Colombian Gold Strain Taste & Smell

The Colombian Gold strain has a pungent, skunky aroma, and its flavor is distinctly earthy with citrus and herbal notes. Compared to Skunk #1, this strain is easier to handle, making it ideal for daytime use. Users will experience an energizing Sativa high, and the Colombian Gold is particularly good for treating chronic pain and muscle spasms. Additionally, it can be beneficial for treating depression and fatigue.

The Colombian Gold strain originated in the highlands of Colombia. It was cultivated and enjoyed in the United States from the late 1960s, but was largely forgotten for decades. After resurfacing, it has gained in popularity, and is now a highly sought-after strain. It grows tall and bushy and flowers in just seven to nine weeks. Unlike other strains, this strain is highly potent, yielding as much as a pound of pure Gold per plant. The high produced from the Colombian Gold strain takes some getting used to.

The Colombian Gold strain is considered a landrace strain, and originates in the mountains of the Santa Marta region of Colombia. It is a cross of two popular sativas, the Colombia LR sativa and the Colombia LR indica. It has high THC levels and is great for morning or afternoon use. It’s also a distant relative of Skunk #1 and AK. It’s a hybrid, and it’s a great daytime strain to get a motivational boost.

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The Columbian Gold strain has been called the “perfect wake-and-bake strain” for its potency and high-quality effects. This strain delivers an extremely strong cerebral high, with a lingering golden glow. It’s an ideal strain for the morning or night time, and it can even rival the effects of a shot of espresso. It can also be beneficial for treating various ailments.

Where to buy Colombian Gold Seeds

Unlike most strains of cannabis, Colombian Gold is a landrace sativa, meaning that it thrives in a subtropical climate. However, this plant also thrives in the Mediterranean region, as well. This plant’s ideal relative humidity range is 45-50%, which makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. The following are a few tips to grow Colombian Gold successfully.

The Columbian Gold is a vigorous plant with plenty of side branches. The flowering period is long, at around 11-13 weeks. As such, it is ready for harvesting late November if grown outdoors. This strain is best cultivated in climates where frost is rare or in a greenhouse environment. Those who choose to cultivate indoors should install an air-filtration system. In addition, Colombian Gold has a very strong aroma, and the average harvest weight is between 450-600 grams per plant.

Growers of Colombian Gold should look for a reliable seed company that offers low prices. Gorilla Seeds, for example, is one place to find Colombian Gold Seeds. These seeds are cultivated naturally in the Santa Marta Mountains, on the Columbian coastline. Cool mountain air and the hot Caribbean sun bolster this strain’s health and vitality. Besides the sweet, earthy flavor, Colombian Gold also boasts a powerful aroma.

When growing Colombian Gold indoors, be prepared for the plant to take over. This plant does well in low light conditions, but needs high ceilings and space between plants to avoid crowding. It also requires an experienced grower to maximize yields. The Colombian Gold effect is pure sativa, bringing the user a powerful euphoric high as a result. For those who want to enjoy the uplifting effects of the herb, it is recommended to purchase a high-quality seed that contains higher THC content.

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